‘There will be no more eating in my car’ and other lies I tell myself

I cleaned out my car this weekend. Like really cleaned it.

I’m still having nightmares.

The amount of gunk and goop in the cracks of the seats and the impossible to clean crevices filled with popcorn, gummies and fruit juice made me gag.

The entire time I was cleaning I was screaming (out loud but to nobody in particular) “There will be NO more eating in my car!!!!”

Let’s be real. That’ll last three days. And then we’ll have a long trip, a post-ball game snack attack or some other snack-worthy moment, and the food will be back.

In the meantime I’m enjoying my three days of a clean car.

I realized that the “No eating in the car!” decree is really just a lie I tell myself. I know deep down, even as I’m screaming it (out loud, to nobody in particular) that it won’t last. And it’s not the only lie I tell myself. Here are some others:

  • Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 8.30.30 AMI will floss every day (When the dentist asks me if I floss every day I typically say yes, because that week leading up the appointment I sure did)
  • I’m will drink only water (that lasts until I drive by a Starbucks)
  • I won’t buy any new clothes (but every trip to TJ Max throws that out of the window)
  • That drawer that I just organized will stay organized because I’ll put everything back where it belongs every day
  • My kids won’t play on electronics for more than 30 minutes in a day
  • I will put the DVDs back in their cases after watching them (no I won’t)
  • I will fold and put away the laundry as soon as it’s done (and our guest bed will be a guest bed again)
  • I will eat the Apple Butter that I bought at the farmers market (this is an ongoing argument in our house. I buy apple butter every year and then never eat it)

Too many toys! – 100+ things to buy your Pittsburgh kids that aren’t toys

We have TOO MANY toys in our house, how about you? Our sheer volume of toys led me to start Play it Forward Pittsburgh five years ago, and to this day we still have too many toys. And my kids don’t even play with toys! As Christmas approaches, I’m ever-more aware that my children are growing out of toys and look for alternative gifts to give them instead. Gifts of experiences, education and family memories. Here are some ideas for non-toy gift ideas for your Pittsburgh families this holiday season

Season Passes


Shows & Experiences

studio-space A Class or Season of Lessons

  • Swimming
  • Sports
  • Gymnastics
  • Dance
  • Karate
  • Musical Instrument
  • Pottery Class- or paint your own pottery
  • Art Class
  • Craft class (ie. knitting)
  • Horseback riding lessons
  • Cooking Class at Gaynors, Raina’s or Market District

splash-lagoon-indoor-waterpark Family Experiences


Gifts that aren’t Toys

  • A monthly subscription. Here are 10 great ideas for monthly subscriptions that are kid-friendly
  • Books
  • Games
  • Movies
  • CDs of music
  • Craft kits
  • New backpack
  • Puzzles
  • Science kits
  • Computer Programming kits from Arduino or Raspberry Pi
  • New art supplies
  • A Fitness tracker like a FitBit
  • Magazine Subscriptions (we love National Geographic Kids)
  • Fun new clothes (based on their favorite game or tv show)
  • Sporting equipment
  • Fun Bath Supplies (color-changing water tablets, crayons that write on walls, etc.)
  • Wrist watch
  • Piggy bank. This is a great one for kids
  • Journal
  • Dr umset (and earplugs) 1133761_28254_popup
  • Jewelry Box
  • Magic Kit
  • Cookbook & Apron/Chef Hat
  • Easel
  • Chalkboard
  • Telescope
  • Magnifying glass
  • Compass
  • Fishing Pole
  • Flashlight
  • Gardening tools
  • Bug-catching tools
  • Binoculars
  • Globe
  • Online subscription to an educational game like SumDog
  • New decorations for their room
  • A new bedding set
  • iTunes gift cards
  • A pet!